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February, 08, 2012


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Thursday, April 2, 2009

LOST: "Whatever Happened, Happened" - Episode Theories, Recaps, Breakdowns.

From the Internet
By Lovers of Lost


Here are this weeks "Lost" episode thoughts, theories, breakdowns and recaps for the episode tilted "He's Our You." Each link has a wealth of information. We hope you link to read then come back for more.

This Blogger is under the weather today but I will do my best to hunt down a healthy bite of Lost info.

From E! ONLINE.com (Watch with Kristin)
Lost Redux: Kate's Finest Hour?

On tonight's all-new episode of Lost, Kate Austen proved that she's not only the show's first lady, but that she might still be the best...
{Full Story Link}

Spoilers and a whole lot more after the break.

Tonight, we got another piece of the jigsaw puzzle: the background on Kate’s activities off-island and her reasons for coming back, and also what happened to Aaron.
{Full Story Link}

From EW.com
'Lost' Recap: Little Children

We find out what happened to both Aaron and young Ben in this very Kate-centric episode, as Juliet and Jack take stands on the fate of their would-be nemesis
{Full Story Link}

Thoughts and theories

CASSIDY SEES THINGS -How about the similiarities between Cassidy and Kate? I knew she would think that Aaron was Sawyer's kid, too. Man, Cassidy can sure she see through people...well, all but Sawyer it seems!
{Full Story Link}

Clockwork Perfect Time Travel

A brilliant, clockwork-perfect time-travel episode of Lost - 5.11 - tonight, along with a satisfying explanation, at last, of why Kate left Aaron back in Los Angeles.
{Full Story Link}

Lost: Miles and Hurley Rock

How about that ending? The Other tells Richard Alpert: “… we should be asking Ellie …” and “… if Charles finds out …” we took that to mean the old bat in the church (Eloise Hawking - Farraday’s mother … right?) and Charles Widmore.
{Full Story Link}

From TV SQUAD.com
Lost: Whatever Happened, Happened

Full Episode Recap
{Full Story Link}

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