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February, 08, 2012


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Thursday, April 30, 2009

LOST: Theories, Recaps, Breakdowns, Spoliers. “The Variable”

From the Internet
By Lovers of Lost


Here are this weeks Lost - "The Variable" episode thoughts, theories, breakdowns and recaps. Each link has a wealth of information.

Lost daniel fraday journal
From E! ONLINE (Watch w/ Krisitn)
Lost Redux: Tick Tock Knocks the Doomsday Clock
What We Learned



What's to Come

-Believe it or not, Jack's plan to uncrash Oceanic 815 may not be foolproof!
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From Kulturblog
Tonight’s episode was Faraday’s time to step into the spotlight, and what we got was a very entertaining, very satisfying episode of Lost. Spoilers and more below.
-Anyone else think that little Charlie Hume might be in trouble? That nurse seemed a little too eager to separate Penny from her son.

-As the alarms go off in Dharmaville, Hurley comes out holding the guitar case (Charlie’s guitar case?), the one that he brought with him on Ajira 316, a reminder that we still don’t know what’s in the case.
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From The Big Lead
Lost: Who Sends Their Kid on a Suicide Mission?
Anyone else think that when Farraday was playing the piano and Eloise walked in, she looked a bit like the woman in the supermarket who was holding baby Aaron’s hand walking toward the exit?
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From Lost Tidbits
Can we predict the future of LOST?
In this episode of LOST? Yes, you bet!
Charles is daddy to Daniel - knew it.
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From EW.com (Entertainment Weekly)
'Lost' Recap: A Twist of Fate
Faraday's return has extreme consequences for everyone, especially him
{Read More - 7 Pages Worth}

From Paul Levinson's Infinite Regress
Eloise, Daniel, and Obsession Trumping Paradox
Another top-notch, wrenching, conceptually breathtaking time travel story on Lost tonight - 5.18 - which skirts around paradox, but is thoroughly explicable on the basis of obsessed human nature.
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From TV Squad
Lost: The Variable
After listening to Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof ranting in last week's Lost audio podcast, I didn't expect "The Variable" to be this much of a game changer.
observations on "The Variable" --

-First off, what a completely amazing mindf*ck. This will easily go down as one of the greatest episodes of Lost. My head hurts and I apologize for this being so jumbled. I'm sure I'm forgetting something important...

-Favorite scene of the episode? When Dan warned young Charlotte. He wasn't so scary, but he was sobering in his honesty. He loved that little girl and you could see how much he really wanted to believe that things could be changed.
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From The Transmission by Ryan & Jen
Notes, Notions & Thoughts
-I was mostly disappointed in Faraday’s story. It simply felt rushed. We flew through his life, from his youth (torn away from the piano) to his graduation, through his experiments and expulsion from Oxford, to deciding to getting on the freighter.

-Any numerologists want to sort out the significance of 141717?
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From EW.com (Entertainment Weekly)

'Lost': King Faraday (Doc Jensen on 'Lost')
Doc Jensen on ''The Variable,'' which puts Daniel in full effect, in both foreground and back story. Plus: Revisiting the Orientation Film from season 2, a couple of clarifications and corrections, and a little TOE tapping
{Read More}

'Lost': Odds, Ends, Dr. Acula (Doc Jensen on 'Lost')
On this off week, Doc Jensen finds his way from ''Scrubs'' to Bear vs. Shark to Ed Wood to (naturally) ''Lost''; makes a couple of corrections and clarifications; and looks ahead to next week's ''Variable''
{Read More}

From Watching Lost.com/TV Guide
Michael Emerson dishes out on the season finale with TV Guide:

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