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February, 08, 2012


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Thursday, April 16, 2009

"LOST" - Episode Theories, Recaps, Breakdowns. "Some Like it Hoth"

From the Internet
By Lovers of Lost


Here are this weeks Lost - "Some Like it Hoth" episode thoughts, theories, breakdowns and recaps. Each link has a wealth of information.

From E! ONLINE (Watch w/ Krisitn)
Lost Redux: Who's Your Daddy?

Why was it called "Some Like It Hoth"? There were no Hoths in this episode! (Just kidding! It's a Star Wars reference, in honor of Hugo Reyes' widely acclaimed screenplay The Empire Strikes Back.)
{Full Story Link}

Lost Meets Star Wars and The Sixth Sense

-The opening shot is of an old school microwave and the digital clock is displaying “3:16,” as in John 3:16 and Ajira 316.

-A few minutes later, we see another reference to one of the “numbers” when Young Miles starts getting death vibes from Apartment No. 4, the abode of the late Mr. Vonner.
{Full Story Link}


Some Like It Hoth Initial Thoughts

Pretty interesting stuff. But we just blew another time travel theory out of the water. Granted Miles wasn't ever holding himself, but it still seemed a bit odd that two could exist in the same time-space.
{Full Story Link}

Lost Meets Star Wars and The Sixth Sense

A quiet, emotional Lost 5.13 tonight, as befits a character - Miles - who can listen to the dead, and who is also the abandoned son of Dr. Chang aka Marvin Candle.
{Full Story Link}

The Others, the Oceanic Crew, the Dharma Initiative, and … Who Are These New People?

The dead body that Naomi made Miles examine: Widmore’s people killed the guy (one of Ben’s cronies?) before they could get information out of him, and wanted to know what he was up to. But this would mean that Ben planted the plane crash in the ocean, and not Widmore?
{Full Story Link}

Lost: Some Like it Hoth -Episode Recap and thoughts.

The biggest surprise for me was seeing Bram and van full of other goons pick up Miles before he departed on his "cruise." Bram, as you may recall, was one of the Ajira 316'ers and last week he took up arms with Ilana. He asked Miles the same question Ilana asked Lapidus - "do you know what's in the shadow of the statue?"
{Full Story Link}


From EW.com ( Doc Jensen)
'Lost': 'Hoth' Stuff!

Tonight's episode focuses on Miles Straum, and the Doc valiantly charges into Norse mythology for clues. Plus: A chat with Ken Leung, ''Lost Untangled,'' a ''Star Wars'' diversion, trying to figure out Smokey, a Purge binge, and more
{Full Story Link}

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