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February, 08, 2012


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Thursday, April 9, 2009

LOST: "Dead is Dead" - Episode Theories, Recaps, Breakdowns.

From the Internet
By Lovers of Lost


Here are this weeks "Lost" episode thoughts, theories, breakdowns and recaps for the episode tilted "He's Our You." Each link has a wealth of information. We hope you link to read then come back for more.

Lost smoke monster

LOST: “Dead is Dead”

Ben, the Smoke Monster and more island adventures. What’s not to love?

-Over at The Fuselage, Jorge (”Hurley”) Garcia has more or less confirmed that the mysterious woman seen in the darkness in the Christian/Sun scene a few weeks ago was a crew member. Don’t forget people, despite how carefully Lost is crafted, production errors do happen, as they do in every show.

-According to TV Guide, the code name for the season 5 finale has been determined: “The Fork in the Outlet.” Past season finale code words include “Frozen Donkey Wheel” (season 4), “The Rattlesnake in the Mailbox” (season 3) and “Challah” (season 2) and “The Bagel” (season 1).
{Full Story Link}

From THE BIG LEAD.com...
Lost: Death Definitely Becomes Alex

-A lot to ponder, but first and foremost, dayum, the after-life did wonders for Ben’s daughter, Alex.

-How witty and crisp has the show’s writing been in the last two weeks? Last week it was Hurley and Miles; this week, frenemies Ben and Locke exchanged humorous deadpans. Ben: “I didn’t have time to talk you back into hanging yourself.” Locke, in an unrelated conversation: “I was just hoping for an apology” and “No sense in me dying twice.”
{Full Story Link}

From EW.com (Doc Jensen)
‘Lost recap’: Smokey on the Daughter

Ben gets judged by the monster for letting Alex die, and the roots of the dead-mama's boy's feud with Charles Widmore are revealed
{Full Story Link}

From E! ONLINE (Watch with Kristin)
Lost Redux: And He Doesn't Drown Kittens Either!

Amazing episode. We learned that otherwise unscrupulous Ben does have a leetle bit of a moral code, and we got nearly a full hour of Michael Emerson talking and talking and talking some more, and as we know from personal experience, this is the funnest thing ever.
{Full Story Link}

Dead is Dead Initial Thoughts

So you can't leave the island or have children with an outsider? What pulled Charles off the island in the first place?

Why is Ben taking so long to heal?
{Full Story Link}

Lost 5.12: Ben vs. Charles, and Locke's Slave

So now it will be Locke with Ben in service verses the still dangerous Charles. But I'd still like know why Richard - unlike even Moses - never ages, and if he's the only one.
{Full Story Link}

Addtional LOST Links:

From BUDDY TV.com

'Lost' Theory: Are Faraday and Penny Twins?

If this theory sounds a little crazy at first, allow me to provide evidence. These are the facts:

-Based on Erik the Hostile’s warning to Alpert this week, Ellie and Charles Widmore are still on the Island in 1977

-In 1954, Faraday thought he recognized Ellie, which is a name that could be short for Eloise, his mother

-Daniel was a professor in 1996, meaning he was most likely born before 1977

-Penny first started dating Desmond in 1994, which means she was most likely born before 1977

-There has never been any mention of Faraday’s dad or Penny’s mom

-Charles had Eloise Hawking’s address nearby when Desmond asked for it

-Penny is Desmond’s Constant and Desmond is Faraday’s Constant, so both Faraday and Penny are connected to Desmond

{Full Story Link}

From EW.com (Doc Jensen)
'Lost': The 'Dead Is Dead' Zone

Ben takes center stage in tonight's episode, and Doc Jensen dares to dream that means it'll be a classic. Plus: The time-travel debate revisited, probing ''innocence,'' and more
{Full Story Link}

From TV GUIDE.com

Lost: Who's Gonna Die?

TV Guide considers each character’s chances of surviving this season’s finale. How has the series led us to believe each character might die?

{Full Story Link}

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