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February, 08, 2012


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Sunday, April 5, 2009

I'm Growing a Mustache - Day 28 (Ultimate Fighter)

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By Frank Murgia


Well, it's been a while since I've posted a video. The goal is to have each video be better than the last. I think this video does that. This video also explains why I'm still single.

The end is near. The final video of the shave down will be this Wednesday April 8. Please tune and I hope you enjoy "I'm Growing a Mustache - Day 28 (Ultimate Fighter)"

Crank the volume and get pumped.

Day 28 Mustache Video

Well the reviews are rolling in. Here are the early returns

That video is hilarious. Didn't like the raw eggs.. that's dangerous with salmonella. I also hope you threw out the shrimp that sat in the car for 3 hours last night.
-Rachel, my mother

Words can not explain....very funny....and the video they will show on Dateline after you kill the President. very nice soundtrack and editing...I laughed out loud several times.
-Frank Nicotero - Yahoo TV's "Primetime in NoTime", "Street Smarts"

I am at a loss for words ...
-Debbie, my sister

That was funny. "I'm working out... for my gut"
-John Piermarini, MTV Casting Director

I'm pretty sure you've 100% lost it... I'll visit you at the mental hospital. :)
-Cousin Shelly

Thanks for keeping me up to date, Frank. Unfortunately, I'll never have another position you're suitable for. But hey, good luck.
-Kathy Cotter, Film & Television producer

The mustache video was hilarious. Can't wait to see the shaving video ...
-Jeff, my brother-in-law

Please do a tribute to Freddy Mercury!!!
-Timmy Beggy, MTV Road Rules

The Back Story...
I have decided to grow a mustache for a month.
I am going to document the growth and post it to this site and to you tube.
The videos and photos will be posted every other day or so.

The Mustache Video Archives
Day 1 - The Beginning
Day 3 - Pilates
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Day 9 - St. Patty's Day, more Frank Nicotero
Day 12 - Tennis the Menace
Day 14 - The Dentist
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Day 20 - Rise and Shine
Day 28 - Ultimate Fighter
Day 30 - Shave Down (Coming Wed April 8)

See them all @ www.GROWINGAMUSTACHE.com

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