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February, 08, 2012


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Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm Growing a Mustache - Day 24 & 26 (It Stopped Growing - WTF?)

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By Frank Murgia


No video today folks. Just a photos from day 24 and day 26 of the mustache growth. This thing has kind of stalled out in many ways. The stache itself is not getting much longer or bushier. It seems to have stalled out and I am also out of handy friends to film this stuff. My friends and co-workers have real lives unlike myself who lives in an Internet fantasy world. Shaving Day is near. I need to step up my mustache game and come hard with two final videos. Stay tuned I am feeling some growth. I will not disappoint.

Day 24 Mustache Photo

Day 26 Mustache Photo
Back Story...
I have decided to grow a mustache for a month.
I am going to document the growth and post it to this site and to you tube.
The videos and photos will be posted every other day or so.

The Mustache Video Archives
Day 1 - The Beginning
Day 3 - Pilates
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Day 8 - Frank Nicotero, Street Smarts, Yahoo TV
Day 9 - St. Patty's Day, more Frank Nicotero
Day 12 - Tennis the Menace
Day 14 - The Dentist
Day 20 - Rise and Shine

See them all @ www.GROWINGaMUSTACHE.com

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