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February, 08, 2012


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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hollywood Blind Items. Who is being Naughty?

From Gawker.com
By Richard Lawson

Here are some juicy Hollywood blind items from Gawker.com. We love and hate these all at the same time. ha-ha. Enjoy!

Blind Items

Which Actor Has Been on a Sex and Heroin Bender with a Lady Reporter?

"Which young starlet demanded 17 free handbags after forgetting she needed to buy gifts?" [NYDN]hollywood blind items

"This B list television comic actor(#1) was at a party very recently. At the party he was overheard offering a female reality tv host (#2) increasing amounts of money to sleep with him that night. At one point the offer was $20K. She declined every time and said she was faithful to her very talented celebrity significant other (#3)" [CDaN]

"This foreign born movie actor is probably C list but has a B list body of work and has been in some of the biggest movies of all time. Although he is in a relationship with someone, he has spent the last two weeks doing nothing but having sex and shooting heroin with a female reporter he met recently on a press junket." [CDaN]

Which Indie Actress' Boyfriend Killed His Wife?

"Which rehabbed actor is back on the sauce? He just can't keep his hands off the booze when he's in L.A.!" [NYDN]

"This married, aging C list movie actress was the indie "it" actress long before Parker Posey. For the past six months she has been having an affair with a man on parole for killing his wife." [CDaN] [Ed. guess: Lily Taylor?]

Who Spent $15,000 On Drugs While 'Researching a Role'?

"Which funnyman doesn't even bother to hide his drug habit? When pals come to visit his pad, they're just as likely to see baggies of cocaine lying around as they are to see throw pillows." [NYDN]

"This B list movie actor is on the cusp of A list. He had a breakout year last year. He considers himself to be a method actor to some extent. For researching one role he spent a great deal of money on drugs. Just for research mind you. Since he considered the research crucial to his acting performance he wanted to know if he could deduct the $15,000 he spent on drugs." [CDaN]

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