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February, 08, 2012


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Thursday, March 26, 2009

LOST: "He's Our You" - Episode Theories, Recaps, Breakdowns.

From the Internet
By Lovers of Lost


Here are this weeks "Lost" episode thoughts, theories, breakdowns and recaps for the episode tilted "He's Our You." Each link has a wealth of information. We hope you link to read then come back for more.

We lead off with great stuff from Kulturblog.com. Geeg does a fantastic job each week breaking it down.

Spoilers, Observations and speculations from tonight’s episode and other stuff below.

1.The bar that Sayid is drinking in when he meets Ilana looks an awfully lot like the bar where Jack was drinking in the episode “316″ when he gets a call on his cell phone about his grandpa Ray.

2.Check this out: in the mess hall scene, there’s a purple Geronimo Jackson poster on the wall. But that’s not all, check out the other guy working behind the lunch counter—the one with the huge Afro. Is it the same as the guy sitting down wearing bluejeans on the cover of Geronimo Jackson’s debut album “Magna Carta”?

Lost TV show Geronimo Jackson Cluestv show Lost Clues Geronimo Jackson
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Lost 5.10: The Impossble Cannot Happen

1.Something caught my eye in the clothing Christian Shephard wears. Are the shirt colors some kind of clue as to the date? If so, Sun and Frank may not be in 2007.

2.Ben said that Charlotte was born in 1979, but there was that red-haired girl bouncing along in Othersville in 1974. Another lie? It seems so

3.REWRITING HISTORY -While the cliffhanger doesn't confirm it, is Ben dead now?

4. There is speculation on whether the Swan Hatch is already built, in progress or soon to be started.

5. ANOTHER REASON SUN DIDN’T FLASH US-Someone suggested Sun didn’t flash because she was holding Jin’s ring…sort of a constant thing. Not sure I buy it but one of the best out there so far.

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From E! ONLINE.com (Watch W/Kristin)

Lost Redux: Holy Flaming Volkswagens Batman!

What We Learned:
1.Chicken-Salad Sadness
2.Who's our common enemy again?
3.Mark One Up in Locke's Column
4.Where is Desmond?!!

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From TV SQUAD.com

Hands down, no doubt about it - best episode of the season.

"He's Our You" was much more of a traditional Lost episode, in the sense that we had regular ol' flashbacks.

1.Is Kate really so dense that she didn't realize Sawyer and Juliet were an item?

2.Anyone else notice that Sayid was drinking McCutcheon scotch? A favorite of Desmond, Charlie, and Charles Widmore

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Lost 5.10: The Impossble Cannot Happen

A taut, perilous episode 5.10 of Lost tonight, in which we retrace some of the key elements of Sayid's life

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LOST: Only Six Episodes Left in the Season

The book Little Ben handed Sayid: A Separate Reality, by Carlos Castaneda. A line from its wikipedia entry: The main focus of the book centered around Don Juan’s attempts at getting Carlos to See, a practice best described as, in Castaneda’s own words, “perceiving energy directly as it flows through the universe”.

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From EW.com (Entertainment Weekly)
'Lost' Recap: A Will of Their Own

The trippy episode with many time-travel implications plays up the concept of free will as Sayid makes a stunning decision

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From EW.com (Doc Jensen)
'Lost': 3 Theories, 1 Mystery
Doc Jensen is in the dark about tonight's ''He's Our You,'' but sheds light on a trio of new angles: the Sun-For-Claire Substitution Theory, the Phantom of the Orientation House, and the ''Wrinkle In Time'' Connection. Plus, a new ''Totally Lost''

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From EW.com (The Ausiello Files)
'Lost' exclusive: War erupts over Charlotte's real age!
An ugly dispute between Rebecca Mader and her former Lost bosses over the correct age of her late character, Charlotte, appears to have been settled.
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2.Is Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet) Leaving Lost?
3.Easter Eggs for “Namaste”
4.Entertainment Weekly Posts Lost Finale Spoiler
5.Episode Discussion: “He’s Our You”

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