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February, 08, 2012


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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Seinfeld Memories: The Merv Griffin Show

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"The Merv Griffin Show" is the 162nd episode of the NBC sitcom Seinfeld. This was the 6th episode of the 9th and final season. It aired on November 6, 1997 and appeared on DVD 10 years later.

PLOT: Kramer discovers the set of the old Merv Griffin Show in a dumpster. George's girlfriend, Miranda, is disgusted when George runs over some pigeons with his car. George believes that pigeons and humans "have a deal" (pigeons are to move out of the way when humans approach, and humans will overlook the pigeons' statue defecation), and that the pigeons have broken the deal. Jerry is fascinated with his girlfriend's old toy collection that she won't let him near. Elaine's new co-worker is a real "sidler": he moves silently behind people. He causes Elaine to spill coffee that creates a stain that looks like Fidel Castro.

Kramer reconstructs the set of the Merv Griffin Show in his apartment. He pretends that the show is still on the air and acts as the new host, even using the show's theme when guests come onto the set, conducting interviews of everyone who enters his apartment. Kramer even stops interviews and cuts to a "commercial break" where he sips on a Diet Coke and eats from a bag of chips, before exclaiming "We're back!" Elaine schemes to out-sidle the sidler who might be sidling her out of a job. While George swerves to avoid a pigeon, he hits a squirrel. Jerry schemes for an opportunity to play with his girlfriend's toys. Kramer adds Newman as a co-host for his show to help relieve the pressure of being a host.

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