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February, 08, 2012


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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Kate Hudson Will Date Guys With No Ego.

From FOX News.com
By Hollie McKay


Kate Hudson Is 'Open' to All Relationships

NEW YORK — Good news for the millions of men out there that wouldn’t mind dating Kate Hudson — the stunning blonde has just one pre-requisite and that is leave your ego at the door.

"I’m not a judgmental person, if I had a checklist it would be dangerous and I would probably date nobody," Hudson recently told Tarts. "I think that’s an egotistical approach and egos ruin relationships. You have to be open to everyone."

Well, almost everyone — there is one guy out there somewhere who didn’t get much of a chance to prove himself to the A-list actress…

"There was one date where I left before we even got food, the guy was just so deeply boring," she said. "I think he was in banking."

Speaking of dates (or lack-there-of), Hudson also said she isn’t so skilled in that area and claims to have only dated three people (Owen Wilson, Dax Sheppard and Lance Armstrong) since divorcing rocker Chris Robinson in 2006.

"I got married so young, when I was only 21 and was married for seven years so I don’t know that much about the dating game. I’ve only dated three people in two-and-a-half years, the big transition for me after being married was actually living alone," the "My Best Friend’s Girl" star said. "Now I love it but the transition of getting there was different and it was hard to settle into it."

Motherhood has also had challenging aspects that the 29-year-old has had to settle into — and one of particular importance is curbing her foul-mouth.

"I can talk about some inappropriate things, I can throw out some pretty bad words, but now I have a son I try not to do it so much," Hudson added.

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