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February, 08, 2012


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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Grammy Nomination's Snub Big Names.

From FOX News
By Roger Friedman |FOX 411


Alicia, Mariah, Madonna: Grammy Snubbed

Another year, and more weird Grammy nominations from left field. You can count on it as a definite right up there with death and taxes.

The big disaster: all but total snub of Alicia Keys’s album, “As I Am.” It should have been in Best Album, Song and Record. Instead, Keys was relegated to Best R&B album, R&B vocal performance by a female, and her duet with the ubiquitous darling of the awards, John Mayer. That the Grammys chose to snub Keys—maybe the leading performer/writer of her generation—speaks volumes.

Only two nominations, and minor ones, for Madonna for her Hard Candy album.

Strange nominations: tracks from Paul McCartney and Beyonce each came from unofficial albums, or side releases that are generally unavailable or unknown.

In fact, the McCartney nomination is for a live version of his song “That Was Me,” taken from a limited edition twelve inch vinyl release of four songs from his promotional performance at Amoeba Records in Hollywood.

What? Is this the bootleg Grammy show? McCartney released a very good album called Memory Almost Full including that song, that got nothing otherwise.

Or how about the Best Song nomination for a track by unknown singer Estelle and Kanye West? There are seven collaborators listed. The “song” also includes three samples. Best Dance Record maybe. But Best Song? I’m not convinced the judges on this panel knew what constituted a song. It’s very disappointing because they had many other better choices, and ignored them.

Of course, the big money is on Coldplay to just sweep everything and call it a day. Their album and title track, “Viva La Vida,” is the equivalent of U2 from a couple of years ago. And the value added of Coldplay wife Gwyneth Paltrow in the audience, being thanked by Chris Martin, etc. is incentive enough for the Grammy telecast.

Then there is the annual Kanye kerfuffle. He sampled a Daft Punk track called “Harder Better Stronger Faster” for his own track, called “Stronger” on his 2007 album, “Graduation.” That album was released in September 2007 and was eligible for last year’s Grammys. However: this year, the original Daft Punk track is nominated for Best Instrumental. According to amazon.com it was released on December 4, 2007 and was discontinued. It’s not available except maybe on a downloading service.

And there’s more. Beyonce is nominated for a track called “Me Myself I.” It wasn’t a single and it’s not from an album. It’s from the ITunes audio version of a DVD live concert called The Beyonce Experience. Again, are there are any rules anymore, or is this just a way to make sure Beyonce is on the show?

Of course, there may be more to the snubs than meet the eye. In the cases of Alicia Keys and Mariah Carey, it could be a punishment for appearing on the American Music Awards last month, and accepting awards from them. There has long been an unwritten rule that if an artist did anything with the AMAs, owned by Dick Clark Productions and considered a minor rival, the Grammys wouldn’t allow you on their show.

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