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February, 08, 2012


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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Obama Songs By Celebrities Speak Powerful Message

From Dip Dive
By Dip Politics


All around America, people are taking action in support of hope and change. A web site called Dip Dive / Dip Politics has put out a few celebrity filled videos that are moving and powerful.

The one that was sent to us by a friend is A must see video: Lisa Bonet's and Lenny Kravitz's Daughter, Zoe. This is the video about Obama that everyone is raving about. After the video there is a puse and then Zoe Kravitz Speaks a message. Check it out. the Song is called "We Are The Ones"

Here our all three music video links below. Click Photos to view

obama kravitz song

Obama Song yes We Can

Support CHANGE Be A Part Of These Videos. Go to the site HERE and Upload your images and watch the video mosiac grow and evolve.

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angelin said...

McCain's strategy is to leverage the enthusiastic crowds and personal charisma that have created excitement around Obama's campaign and use this celebrity to raise questions about Obama's depth. Framing Obama this way also allows the McCain campaign to highlight what some view as Obama's presumptuousness and inability to relate to ordinary people.
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