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February, 08, 2012


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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Elisabeth Hasselbeck to get her own FOX News Show?

From talent NETWORK NEWS
By Frank Murgia


Rumors have been swirling about Elisabeth Hasselbeck leaving "The View". She has denied the rumors. I personally think she will leave after the election. Especially if Barack Obama wins. Elisabeth can't shut up and can't be civil anymore. She loves to argue, talk loud, talk over people and get the last word. She is a true survivor.

If Obama wins she will continue to beat on him even though the election is over. She does not know when to stop, she can't help herself. The other 'View' ladies will then unload on her verbally with full force telling her to 'get over it, shut up and move on.'

Move on she will. Elisabeth hASSelbeck will crumple and cry and quit. But shed no tears because I truly believe that she knows what she is doing and why she is doing it. She is very smart. I personally believe minor talks have already been had between the Hass and the FOX News Channel.

If Obama wins, Elisabeth Hasselbeck will be needed on FOX as a female voice to bash the democrats for the next four years. Republican Gov. Mike Huckabee had her on his new weekly FOX News talk show as his first guest last week. She is being primed for FOX News and she is doing a good job of keeping her name in the press. ALSO, MSNBC which is in the ratings toilet has found a glimmer of hope and has seen a ratings boost with Democratic voice Rachel Maddow. She is a rising television star and Hasselbeck would give FOX News show to rival Maddow's.

I will predict we see "The Elisabeth Hasselbeck" show in January around inauguration time.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Fox News Show

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