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February, 08, 2012


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Monday, September 15, 2008

Tom Cruise Did Risky Business 25 Years Ago.

From Elastic Pop
By Rebecca


DVD Review: Risky Business (25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)

I would never say that Risky Business ranks up there with classics such as Casablanca, Bonnie and Clyde or even Rocky. However, the film that is largely credited with making Tom Cruise a star deserve a place in film history, for so vividly capturing a slice of early 1980's culture. It was 1983, Ronald Reagan was in the White House, America was feeling pretty good about itself and AIDS was still not widely recognized. So, when a young Cruise donned those white crew socks, a pink oxford and his underwear and slid across the floor to Bob Seger's classic, "Old Time Rock And Roll," a scene played out in houses across the world, was born.

Risky Business has been released several times on standard DVD, but this is the best transfer I've seen. Presented in a matted widescreen format, the colors are bright and vivid. The film itself is devoid of graininess, with a few brief moments of cloudiness throughout.

The audio has been remastered and is presented in Dolby Digital Surround Sound 5.1. The sound is crisp and clear, enhancing one of the better soundtracks of the early 1980's. Of course there's Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock And Roll," but the soundtrack also features songs by Muddy Waters, Jeff Beck, Prince, Journey, Phil Collins and Tangerine Dream.

The Risky Business (25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) has quite a few special features:
  • Audio Commentary by Tom Cruise, Director/Screenwriter Paul Brickman and Producer Jon Avnet - The threesome discuss shooting different scenes and let the audience in on some things that were going on behind the scenes at various times. While this isn't one of the best commentaries I've heard, the guys do offer up a few interesting tidbits.
  • The Dream is Always the Same: The Story of Risky Business (29:27) - All new documentary featuring Tom Cruise, Rebecca De Mornay, Curtis Armstrong, Bronson Pinchot and other cast and crew discussing the origins and the making of the film. This documentary was very interesting and sheds some light on the process of how Risky Business got made.
  • Original Screen Tests With Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Mornay (14:33) - These should be included on DVD releases more often, it's interesting to see a young Cruise and De Mornay testing for their roles. New interviews with cast and crew add their thoughts about the tests.
  • Director's Cut of the Final Scene from Risky Business (7:24) - With an introduction from Director Paul Brinkman, you can decide if this ending would have served the film better.
  • Theatrical Trailer (1:27)

The Full Review HERE at Elastic Pop.

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