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February, 08, 2012


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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Music on iTunes.

By Buzz Sugar.com
From iTunes


Tuesdays are big in entertainmentville: Not only do all the new DVD releases hit Netflix, but new music also pours into stores, including iTunes. So I take a spin through each week's iTunes music releases and pick out some albums and tracks worthy of a download.

Here are today's selections:

My heroes: The Gym Class Heroes' new album is a little less edgy than previous LPs (sounds like they've started to enter Black Eyed Peas territory) but I'm still digging it. Probably not worth downloading the whole thing but their duet with Estelle, "Guilty as Charged" is great and I love that Busta Rhymes shows up on "Peace Sign/Index Down"!

Just a little bit country: Well, J Simp's first country album has arrived and the reviews are lukewarm. Idolator has a helpful round-up of reviews but even the Houston Chronicle described it as "mostly generic Nashville flavor." From what I've heard so far I wouldn't say it's bad, just not great. The song "Remember That" contains some powerful vocals and it's clear her heart and soul are in it when she belts the lyrics to "Might As Well Be Making Love." It's mostly when she has some Dixie Chick-like girl power oomph behind her lyrics that she's at her best, and has me (more or less) sold on her country transformation.

Two more good ones up next so read more

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