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February, 08, 2012


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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mantra Madness

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By Frank Murgia


Welcome to a little thing I like to call Mantra Madness.

man·tra (mntr, mn-) noun. --A commonly repeated word or phrase.

These are fun sayings and phrases that spill out of my mouth from time to time. Phrases that you can take and use yourself to either get a laugh, a dead stare or a slap in the face. Actually some of them are just plain stupid and just another example of my melted mind.

My Mantra's:
  • I only watch hard news
  • If anybody asks, I'm a jonas brother.
  • I only drink the pinot's - noir & grigio
  • If it taste like chicken, it isn't chicken
  • I only eat blue cheese stuffed olives
  • I don't do waffles or falafel's
  • I don't eat fiber after 5
We will be trying to do this once a week and will do it Monday's thus calling it "Mantra Monday" So, if you like it check back next Monday for more.

-At the bottom of this post in the footer you will see little words that say 'add a comment' This is free to do. Just click on it and (type in your mantra. choose identity as anonymous, then click publish) and it will be added to the comments section of this post.

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homicide is better than suicide.