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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Mark Eddie's "Sex, Jokes and Rock & Roll" -Opening Night Review.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007
From talent network, inc.
By The Gooch

PITTSBURGH -Sex, Jokes and Rock & Roll {S.J.R.R.} is a new theme show put together by talent network, inc. and Rock Comic Mark Eddie.

The show premiered and kicked of its fall tour this past Friday night Sept. 28 at the Hard Rock Cafe -Pittsburgh. The house seating was filled and standing room only was tight as well.

Nationally popular touring comic Mark Eddie blends his musical and vocal talent with sound-alike song parodies and original Comedy songs.

Mark grew up playing in rock bands. He can sing light and can sing hard. He can play electric and can play acoustic. He can also make you laugh, hence his popular success and 'Entertainer of the Year' college nominations. Mark, still having rock & roll in his veins, decided to take his show to the next level, the theater level, the Vegas and casino show level. This level is what we call "Sex, Jokes and Rock & Roll."

Mark called upon his very talented Pittsburgh friends and performers to join him on stage for a very wild blend of entertaining fun. Local Pittsburgh Comic Shaun Blackham took the stage first and warmed up the audience with a mix of funny and filthy. Those of you who have seen Shaun probably never use the remote control on a hotel stay. Opening the "Sex" portion of the show was Claudia Monet. Monet is a nationally touring entertainer. She blends a sexy body, sexy voice and sexy moves with catchy dance and pop hooks to present a really interesting open to a comedy show. Flanked by two skinny, slinky cage dancers, Claudia pranced around the stage dressed in an Elvira style outfit with boots a banging and boobs a bobbling. Monet weaved in and out of the fog and cages like a snake on a plane. The crowd seemed to be a bit confused early on but then realized they were in for a roller coaster ride of sex, jokes and rock & roll. Monet opened her set hard and closed wet from sweat. A fair opening performance that needs work on the stage and cage chemistry end but the point of direction is there.

Next up, "Jokes" with Mark Eddie, the headliner who on his show is actually the middle act. Mark Eddie has zero ego and knows his place on any type of show. That place being dead center in the laughing gut of the audience. Mark performed one song and then had a small technical hang-up with his guitar. He called upon talent network, inc. show producer Frank Murgia to jump on stage to handle the glitch. The glitch didn't ruin the rhythm of the show as Mark built the glitch right into his act and made it play to the audience. Mark continued on after the small glitch and proceeded to shred the audience to pieces like he usually does with newly popular hits "Booty Call" and "I Wanna be a Porn Star." Mark Eddie ended his set then brought up the "Rock & Roll" portion of the show, Pittsburgh rock legends, The Granati Brothers.

The Granati's still look and sound the same as they did when they were rolling with Van Halen and David Lee Roth 25+ years ago and that's not a bad thing here. Playing what has been referred to as a edgy beat driven classic melodic rock. {The Granati Brothers toured the US twice opening 78 shows for Van Halen and have appeared with other major artists. They had two releases on AM Records: (G-Force) and (Propaganda) a compilation.} Led by David Granati’s soaring melodic riffs {which earned him a nomination for player of the year by Guitar Player Magazine in 1981}, Joey's booming bass and Hermie's melodic keyboards the brothers rocked the Hard Rock Cafe house to its feet. Twenty souring minutes later Mark Eddie and Claudia Monet joined the Granati's on stage for an encore set of three skin tingling classic covers along with Mark's wildly popular hit "Marijuanaville."

A good first effort all-in-all. It's good to see artist push the envelope and move the needle.


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