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February, 08, 2012


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Monday, October 1, 2007

Pittsburgh's Man Station Zoned Out by Listeners.

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Monday October 1, 2007
From talent network news
By Frank D. Murgia

PITTSBURGH -WTZN 93.7 The Zone - Pittsburgh's Man Station is throwing in the towel on its male oriented talk station. The CBS owned station launched this format on April 2nd, 2007.

So, it took about six months to realize that the 25-49 male demo is locked down solid by 102.5 WDVE FM. It always has been and always will be. The format was a mess from day one. The hosts and shows were all just slapped into time slots that never had any cohesiveness or mesh to the format. There wasn't any real 'Original" hardcore cutting edged talk geared towards men. Nothing that would make the female audience scream in disgust or picket. Nothing to make advertisers recoil in embarrassment. Just an overload of sports talk which we already have on 2-3 other stations and pathetic attempts at comedy by John McIntire. Hey, McIntire tried to move the needle but it just didn't work. Scott Paulsen is still a pro and just enjoyable to listen to, he deserves better,though it may be time to slaughter "Spit, Choke & Puke." Homegrown Dennis Miller and his political talk was shoved onto the format for ratings but the show stuck out like a really bad staff infected thumb. His show belonged in the political mix on 104.7 FM not on an almost all sports talk format.

The early word is that the format will revert back to the old B-94 FM. (Top 40 Pop.) So, will it take another six months to realize that WKST 96.1 Kiss-FM has the lock down on that demo?
The new format is set to launch this Friday at 5 p.m Until then, the station will play Christmas music.

My suggestion would be to become the "Steelers Nation" station with Steelers 24/7. Yes, this would be going right back to more sports talk but those of us in Pittsburgh see how the Steelers open, middle and close the news broadcasts. "Winner, winner, chicken dinner"

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