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February, 08, 2012


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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

WIll the REAL Steely Please Stand Up

Thursday September 6, 2007

PITTSBURGHSteely McFILTH, the real Steelers mascot (a mans mascot!) made his first appearance last night at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, PA. McFILTH was a huge hit to say the least. Wearing his preseason uniform, he posed with kids, hot chicks, and even the real jaundiced jawed stupid mascot… Steely McBeam. McFILTH verbally challenged McBeam to a fight at UFC 80. We are still awaiting answer to the challenge.

McFILTH was only seconds away from entering Heinz Field with the 10 dollar scalped ticket he bought. All five of the ticket takers agreed to let McFILTH into the game as long as he had a ticket. McFILTH was body searched like everyone else entering the field, and just as he was being carried through the turnstiles some ass clown from Steelers security put the kibosh on the entrance. He tapped me on the shoulder and in a stern voice said “hey buddy, you are not taking that thing into the game.” This egomaniac, who obviously is taking his power too seriously, decided to have an attitude when everybody else was getting a big kick out of it and having a laugh. McFILTH’s presence was quickly a hot topic. Bellowing through every security walkie was “do not let McFILTH through the turnstiles.” We tried three other gates and were turned down.

So McFILTH punched out for the night and went back into the parking lots to join the tailgaters, where he went on to pound many shots of Crown Royal, Iron City Beer, and a big fat joint which he shared with a blonde stripper from “Club Erotica”. No word from McFILTH. We are sure he is sleeping it off on his house-boat down at Donzi's Boardwalk.

Steely McFILTH did have this to say though before we left him for the night: “You know what? I like this town. Every girl here loves the Steelers, they all get dressed up in black n’ gold, and they are all hot and filthy. There is a great passion for football here.

Here are some of the photos from the event:
Approaching the Heinz Field gates.

Posing with a Filthy Skinny Steeler hottie.

Two hardcore champs right here. Tag-team Filther's.
More Filthy Steelers Siren's. If you look closely you can see McFILTHS shorts rising up.

Next in line at the filth-a-john. Way too much beer.

After this photo McFILTH soiled the back tire.

Look at this fool Steely McBeam. Does he know what kind of Filthing he is in for this season.

STEELERS FANS PHOTOS also posted McFilth on the Steelers photo site. Located in gallery M of the 2007 Steeelers/Eagles file. The photos are locked so we could not steal it to post it here. It is about halfway down on the right in gallery M.

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