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February, 08, 2012


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Monday, September 10, 2007

Bill Cowher's Teeth? What did he do? The Answer here.

Sunday September 9, 2007
By Frank D. Murgia

Former Pittsburgh Steelers coach Bill Cowher debuted today on "The NFL on CBS." The first thing I noticed and about 15 other people I spoke with today is that something is going on with Sargent Slobbers TEETH!

What is different? They look different?

Well, the answer is that coach Cowher had his top eye teeth filed down along with a full whitening procedure.

No word on if this will slow the spit down.

Other notes and analogy's on the Pre-game show:

  • The Bill Cowher spit jokes were warranted and funny in week one but let's hope that is the last of them.
  • JB & Marino are pro's.
  • Shannon Sharpe, well it just does not get any better does it. He is magic on TV. There is nothing funnier. He did not work on his speech in the off-season and the world could not be happier. Pure comedy cold. The best Jerry, the best!
  • Boomer Assiason is an ass. Enough of the sarcastic "the steelers are better without Cowher" jokes. What was it 4 times he played that routine. Plain and simple fact that sarcasm is a way to say what you feel by making a joke out of it. Boomer is just an idiot. Like when he called Peyton Manning this era's Dan Marino and Marino glared at him and Boomer apologized and tried to explain what he meant. Well, we know what you meant. Marino is twenty times the QB you were and you can't handle it. Coach Cowher's teams whipped your three teams when you were playing. What an ass!
  • Bill Cowher did a nice job and did not give standard safe analogies. He loved the Vikings and they backed him up today. He picked the Seahawks and Patriots in the Super Bowl and he looks good so far on those two picks.

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