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February, 08, 2012


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Thursday, September 6, 2007

"Reality Rant" 9/06/07 {Big Brother 8, Top Chef: Miami}

Tuesday, August 28, 2007
By Linda Venezie
talent network, inc.

PITTSBURGH -Hello my fellow Reality fanatics… welcome to the land of almost the start of all the new fall reality fare. Can you smell it in the air? I personally can’t wait for Survivor: China, and all the buzz of Kid Nation of course makes someone like me salivate. But for now we have to be happy with the winding down of the rest of the summer leftovers. {Much More CONTINUED -click READ MORE below}

Speaking of leftovers, Top Chef has outdone itself this season by giving us such outlandish clues at the beginning (and middle) of each episode that we know who’s going home before they even get finished with the Quick Fire Challenge. Come on Bravo… at least give us a reason to be a tiny bit on the edge of our seats during the elimination! This latest episode had all of our wannabe Top Chefs working together to cater a fancy dancy highbrow event for an up and coming fashion designer – and it was held aboard a gorgeous yacht to boot! Remember though, being aboard a yacht means you have to cook the food there too, but luckily that didn’t seem to cause too many problems for the chefs. Except of course for the freakishly tall Chris who I swear is almost 8 foot tall. Anytime they pan across the chefs in a lineup all we see of him is his crotch. Too funny.

The big-mouthed bully Howie finally decided this episode he was going to be a “kindler, gentler Howie” and would from now on be a team player. As we all know, anytime a reality character starts the episode by saying they are changing their ways – it means they are the one getting eliminated at the end. Howie actually tried to eliminate himself, throwing the judges into a bit of a tizzy, but Padma then told him that the decision wasn’t up to him. Hmm. So they kicked him out anyway, which was a bit crappy in my opinion – if the guy wants to go out on his own terms (stupid as they may be) then let him. Why then in Season 2 did they let the guy who inadvertently stole the lychee fruit from the grocery store take himself out of the competition? What’s the difference, Padma?

Anyway, my pick to win Top Chef Miami is Chris or Casey. I’ll probably be wrong, but it’s no skin off my nose.

And on over to Big Brother, where we’ve got 6 players left and there is going to be a double eviction tonight. The Showtime feeds lead us to believe that there will truly be 2 houseguests eliminated, which means one of them will not get the chance to save himself via the Power of Veto. Not fair, but then I’m not writing the rules. Speaking of Power of Veto, there was a useless but lighthearted appearance by Janelle in this week’s competition. The houseguests walked outside to start the competition and there was a big picture of Janelle in the backyard… and dumbass Eric blurts out “well, that picture must have been taken AFTER she gained the weight”. No sooner did those words leave his lips, Janelle walked around the corner. If there’d been a hole nearby Eric would have crawled into it and would probably still be in there. What an idiot! Once again Daniele won the competition – she is really kicking butt this season. I cannot stand the way she talks (imagine a Valley girl on tranquilizers) but she sure is smart when the time is right. She is still my fave to win, but I’m afraid she’s stepped on too many toes to be crowned the champion by the bunch of losers in that sequester house. We shall see….

Until next time – have a great week!

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