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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"Reality Rant" 09/19/07 {Big Brother 8 -DICK DID IT!}

Wednesday September 19, 2007
By Linda Venezie
talent network, inc.


PITTSBURGH -Big Brother 8 ended last night amidst very small fanfare and a 5 to 2 vote in Dick’s favor. We all know it really didn’t matter which Donato won, because whether or not the rules say they can’t we know they are going to share the prize money, which totals $550,000. The Nerd Herd of BB 8 asked some fairly inane and boring questions of our final two, Daniele got mad with her Dad (for the 3500th time this summer) because she claimed he “made too big of a point to list the big plays he made in the game”. Huh? Hey Daniele… I may be mistaken (or part deaf) but didn’t I hear YOU talk about your big moves just moments before that? Wow – how quickly we forget. And a dejected Dick walks outside after the Q&A session and said “jeez, now she has yet another reason to be pissed off at me.”

On to the big news - did anyone notice the body language between Daniele and Nick? We’ve been waiting all summer to see their reunion, and we didn’t get anything except an “awkward” chirp from Daniele when asked what she wanted to say to Nick. Then after the final commercial break, Nick was standing right next to Daniele with his arm around her. She didn’t look his way, and somehow maneuvered herself so that his arm fell off of her shoulder. Then she proceeded to talk to her Dad and Julie Chen… but never once looked Nick’s way or let her body touch his. He looked like someone had just run over his dog, the poor thing. Guess she doesn’t think he’s the “bee’s knees” anymore. Aaaahhh… ain’t showmancing grand?

So we’re done with Big Brother, but just in time CBS continues to fulfill my reality fix. Tonight is the premiere of the much maligned “Kid Nation”. Everywhere you look there is negative press on this show. I’m hoping it lives up to its hype because some of the previews I’ve seen look very touching… but then I’m a sucker for that stuff. Plus, they will be giving away $20,000 EVERY episode to one of the children – and the kids themselves will vote on which is the most deserving. A nice twist… we’ll see how it all plays out.

Also, tomorrow night the Daddy of all reality shows – Survivor – begins Season #15 in China. We’ve been told that this season will take us back to the bare bones Survivor of old. Gone is the Exile Island (thank god) but there will still be Immunity Idols hidden “in plain sight” at the camps. There are quite a few different personalities this time out, including everything from a WWE female wrestler to a chicken farmer. Quite a dichotomy… I’m counting the minutes till it all begins!

Finally, Beauty and the Geek premiered last night and all of the insider info was saying that they would be switching around the basic premise, and that this time it would be male beauties against female geeks. I was happy to hear about the twist and thought it could be quite interesting, but alas it was only partly true. They introduced 9 teams of girl beauty/guy geek and then announced a 10th team would be joining them. This team consisted of the one set of guy beauty and girl geek. Is anyone else thinking about how huge the target will be on their backs? Guess we’ll have to wait and see…

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