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February, 08, 2012


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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"Reality Rant" 09/12/07 {Big Brother 8-Daniele Did It!}

Wednesday September 12, 2007
By Linda Venezie
talent network, inc.

SHE DID IT! Daniele pulled off the last Veto competition – the most important Veto competition of the whole game, mind you. And it wasn’t even close! Well, her dad Dick actually did come close at first (he had all but the first number wrong when he hit his buzzer) but then he started switching them all around and was completely lost. Zach and Jameka were sadly horrible – I don’t think Zach had a single number right. And it serves him well. I said early in the game “if Zach is in the final 2 it will be very upsetting” because he didn’t do a damn thing the whole game but get on people’s nerves. Also, he showed some questionable behavior that CBS quietly swept under the rug. You’ll have to use your imagination to try and figure out what it was. (Hint – it involved one of the final 4 players in the game.) Zach seemed to feel he played a flawless game and said that he threw all of the early competitions on purpose. Listen Zach, only one player – my boy Will Kirby – truly threw every competition he was ever in. And he is the only player that it ever worked for. If Zach thinks his game play was on par with Will he’s sorely mistaken.

Anyway – Daniele DID it... and at the end of the special live episode last night we had our Final Three – Daniele, Dick and Zach – standing on stumps, holding onto their house key, and jumping over a bar as it spun around. Then they started pouring rain on them and I’m sure it got a lot harder, not to mention colder. Especially for the whippet thin Daniele. I could have watched the Showtime feed last night to see who won, but I’ve been doing that all season and I have to say it’s rather anti-climactic to know who wins competitions and who gets nominated before it’s shown on CBS. I started a boycott of the Showtime feed early last week, mostly because it is like watching paint dry now that there are so few people left.

And they finally showed the Sequester House – I was beginning to think it didn’t exist, because by this time last year they’d shown quite a bit of footage from the antics going on there. Once again, the truth is that nothing is going on there. Let’s face it, folks – if Dick and Daniele weren’t on the show this year, it would have been another boring summer, just like Season 6 when the “Nerd Herd” took over the house near the end. Ugh. Thank god for Dick, even though I don’t agree with his tactics and especially the way he disrespects women – he sure made for some captivating television. And the reason I’m really routing for Daniele is because she PLAYED THE GAME. None of the hiding behind other players and letting them do the dirty work. Just like my personal favorite Janelle – who also won had 5 Veto wins… Daniele tied her record with her win last night. Let’s hope this time Daniele actually wins the game!

So there’s only 3 more BB episodes to go. I’m looking forward to the “Best Of” episode they’re showing on Sunday night…when we can feast our eyes on the man candy Nick once again.

And my fellow Reality fans, our next obsession will be Survivor China. I saw a special about it on TV Guide Channel (check local listings, I’m sure they will replay it) and there are some interesting characters this time around. They’ve gotten rid of Exile Island (thank god) and are taking it back to Survivor of old. I predict it will be a lot of fun!

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