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February, 08, 2012


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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"Reality Rant" 09/11/07 {Big Brother 8}

Tuesday, September 11, 2007
By Linda Venezie
talent network, inc.

PITTSBURGH -We are sooooo close to the end of Big Brother, and now is the time that all the real big things happen in the game (i.e. getting rid of the best player in the house, as in Season 6 with Janelle and Season 7 with Will). This time last year Erica the showmance slut found a way to talk Janelle into booting her summer lover Will by using the old chestnut “us chicks need to stick together so we won’t get used” line. Meanwhile, it was really Erica who was being used (in more ways than one – wink, wink). If Janelle had stuck to her original Chill Town plan, I still think she would have won that game. At the very least I think she’d have made it to the final 2. But I digress. {MORE RANT continued, click READ MORE below}

This is Big Brother 8, and it’s been a summer of domination by the father and daughter who hadn’t spoken to one another for years before entering the BB house. (Gee, can’t for the life of me imagine why Daniele wouldn’t have wanted to talk to that darling of a father of hers – can you?). And they continued their domination when Dick won the HOH competition that took them to the Final 4. It was a whirlwind episode on Thursday night, what with 2 live evictions, an HOH competition, and a Veto competition to boot! I found it very suspenseful and rather satisfying too. Maybe they should do more weeks that way. CBS – are you listening?

After the live show ended, the Final 4 were told they’d have to endure yet another HOH competition that evening. Before it started, Daniele and Dick made a fatal mistake by running into one of the bedrooms and closing the door before Zach could follow them in. Now, the editing made it seem as though they did this immediately after the end of the live show, but I’m hoping they wouldn’t be that dumb. Zach pretended to be lying down on a bed outside as the Donatos giggled with glee at their Final 4 situation, said to one another “we have to take Zach out now, while we still can”, and then giggled some more. NOT smart. Old Zach marched right in and said “you two better not be planning on screwing me” and Dick and Daniele both looked so guilty I could swear I saw a canary wing hanging out the side of Dick’s mouth. For those of you who don’t get my sense of humor without using cue cards, I’m saying they looked REALLY guilty (as in - the cat who ate the canary).

Anyhow, the HOH competition was held and shown on Sunday night’s episode – and it ends as close as they come, folks. Zack and Daniele were tied at the end of the game, and had to go into a tiebreaker. The question was “how many people in total are shown in all the pictures on the Memory Wall?” Daniele answered 58… Zach answered 59 (See what I mean? So close!). Anyway, the answer was 69, and Zach became HOH for the 2nd time in 2 weeks. He also won the Veto competition during the live show on Thursday. For a guy who hadn’t one a single thing all summer, this sure was the time to start!

Daniele and Dick immediately started doing damage control, but it was too late. Whether or not he heard them through the bedroom door, Zach could feel that they were out to get him, and he put them both up for eviction. Now, this leaves Zach’s summer-long nemesis Jameka safe. HUH? I don’t think Zach has said 2 words to Jameka all summer long… and now they are plotting together and he told her at the eviction ceremony that he “thanked her for bringing God back into his life.” Can I say “huh” again? Well, that’s Big Brother for you – especially this last and most crucial final week. ANYthing can happen! I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait to see who wins that Veto tomorrow night. Till then – stay on the edge of your chairs with me, my fellow Reality lovers…


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