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February, 08, 2012


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Monday, September 10, 2007

Criss Angel Tricked Britney for Publicity. Once a Fake Always a Fake.

Tuesday September 11, 2007

Here are some stories running around the internet about Magician Criss Angel. His much promised magical assistance and direction to Britney Spears MTV VMA performance never appeared. The guy is a poser and a user. More stories below.

Criss Angel Using Britney Spears To Boost Fame?
From entertainment wise.com

A new report claims that Mindfreak illusionist and Britney Spears ‘associate’ Criss Angel is a "press whore" who's just "using" the singer to give his celebrity a boost.

Creepy Criss has certainly been working his magic on Britney of late, accompanying her on a number of nights out recently and reportedly helping her with her upcoming VMAs performance.
A source tells Page Six: “He doesn’t even really talk to her when they go out. This weekend at [club] LAX, they were not seated at the same table, but when the paparazzi were around he jumped in all the pictures...The paparazzi all have his number.”

Whatever the truth to this story, his association with Britney certainly seems to be paying off – literally.

Criss has just signed a 10-year deal with the Luxor in Las Vegas that will net him almost $10 million a year.


Britney Spears & Criss Angel Blowout: Drama Stunts Brit's Performance?
From National Ledger.com
By Susan Hatch

Britney Spears and Criss Angel were supposed to light up the MTV VMAs with a dual performance with lots of mirrors and magic tricks (oops make that illusions) and this was to be the wild night that Brit showed the world she still had it. But Criss Angel was no where on the stage.

In fact while Britney looked stoned and stunned during her on stage flop Angel was on the red carpet. Did they have a blow out? Was there some sort of drama that caused Angel to be a no show?


From X17 Online

Photo Agency X17 Online has this report that may give a hint at what happened: "Britney continued her Vegas weekend by going out again Saturday night with cousin Alli. The two partied at Treasure Island and Brit didn't get back to her room until very late - around 4 a.m."

"And check this out: Word on the street is Criss Angel was somewhere else with another girl during that time... uh-oh! In a bit of what sounds like a premonition the writer mused, "We hope any possible drama won't affect tonight's performance!" Something certainly did. she looked better at the rehearsal.



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