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February, 08, 2012


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Monday, September 10, 2007

Britney Spears Skipped Rehearsals to drink and party.

Monday September 10, 2007
From The Associated Press & MSN.com

...The fault for her disheartening showing appears to be Spears' alone. A source rightly predicted to the New York Daily News that her choice to hit the Sin City party circuit instead of practicing her routine was a recipe for disaster.

"She's totally phoning this in. She doesn't seem to care how this goes," sniped the mole ahead of her performance. "She's been drinking a bunch and not putting her all into rehearsing."

Britney was snapped whooping it up with Diddy hours before she was due at the VMAs, with a spy telling Us, "She was dancing and having a good time with Diddy all night. She was drinking and letting off steam."

Chances are she's going to blow off a lot more steam once she gets a gander at the spirit-crushing evisceration she received from critics.

"Britney galumphed around like a zombie ... ," zinged Entertainment Weekly, which called her moves "tentative" and "confused," while the Washington Post labeled her "out-of-shape" and pronounced her lethargic lip-syncing a "thoroughly underwhelming performance."

Spears was also derided as "glassy eyed," "out of step" (the Daily News) and "awful" (the New York Times), with an "expression ... of a rabbit caught in the headlights" (the Times of London).

Unfortunately, these reviews were tongue-baths by kittens compared to what the New York Post had to say.

"Spears was stuffed into a spangled bra and hot pants and jiggled like Jell-O as she sleepwalked through the song," jeered the paper. "She didn't seem to care that she danced like she had a pantload, that her lips weren't synched with the song, and that the tune isn't all that great."

The reaction from her so-called peers wasn't much better. 50 Cent was gape-mouthed as he watched the spectacle from the front row, while Rihanna was caught on camera giggling with a girlfriend.

"She didn't seem like she wanted to be there. There was no spark," rapper Common observed to the Daily News. "I don't wanna disrespect her, but she can't sing!"

Adds rapper-cum-producer Akon, "I think she needed to have focused more on the show and less on the parties."

Kanye West took a moment from tossing one of his many (and totally played out) hissy fits to tell USA Today, "I have no words."

Neither did Ashanti, although she didn't need any. When the paper asked her what she thought of Brit-Brit's blah bump-and-grind, she "laughed, rolled her eyes and walked away" before her rep stepped in and said she had no comment.

Meanwhile, as the schadenfreude flows freely over this latest Britney fiasco, there are some who wonder whether Silverman's crack about her diminished future will turn out to be true.

"Was that incredible?" the comedian prodded the crowd after Spears left the stage. "She is amazing. I mean, she is 25 years old and she's already accomplished everything she's going to accomplish in her life."


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