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February, 08, 2012


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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Starbucks throws singer out of 200 stores.

Tuesday August 28, 2007
From Elitestv.com

Singer Thrown Out of Over 200 Starbucks

DaVido wrote a song entitled "JavaJitter" and submitted it to Starbucks Corp., hoping one day Starbucks would put his song on the rack next to singers such as Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles and Paul McCartney.

Regretfully, Starbucks rejected it. So, DaVido decided to take matters into his own hands and sing his song in as many Starbucks stores as humanly possible while being videotaped. Unfortunately, each time DaVido tried to sing, another Starbucks employee would throw him out!

But that didn't stop his efforts. Store after store, DaVido kept on singing and the results were always the same. They called the police, they called 911, and someone even called Homeland Security! DaVido was also handcuffed and escorted out of a Starbucks and it's all captured on video...
Some call DaVido the modern-day Don Quixote. Some say it's DaVido and Goliath; others say he's reminiscent of James Dean. Only this rebel has a cause -- to one day get Starbucks to put "JavaJitter" on the CD rack. Maybe it's the impossible dream, but as DaVido says, "It's the American dream!"

Fox Five News recently featured DaVido on a segment of its "New York Minute." He has been interviewed on radio talk shows in multiple cities, including: Phoenix, Norfolk, Virginia, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Memphis and Miami, with more to come...


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