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February, 08, 2012


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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"Reality Rant" -8/28/07 {Big Brother, So You Think You Can Dance}

Tuesday, August 28, 2007
By Linda Venezie
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PITTSBURGH -Hello all… I’m back! So, first of all, my girl Sabra won So You Think You Can Dance. Once again my prediction was wrong (although I did correctly guess that Rock was going to win Hell’s Kitchen, but that’s a whole other story). Yes, the teenage girls of America finally saw fit to crown the title of America’s Favorite Dancer to a female - and Sabra completely deserves the accolades! She’s only been dancing for 4 years, and as all the judges told her, she is a complete inspiration to all of those girls out there running around in their little tutus. Keep dancing, keep dreaming… and you never know – you could just end up on a reality show and win $250,000! Anyway, this was a great season and I will truly miss watching those amazing dancers… and we are all counting the minutes until next June. {Continued click READ MORE below}

So, on to my most important guilty summer pleasure – Big Brother. It’s been a rough and tumble week in the BB house, what with Daniele back-dooring Jen, who subsequently went completely psycho (mind you, she was already at least halfway there). After being blindsided by the back-dooring, Jen went on to steal, smash and pour Clorox (huh?) all over 4 CARTONS of Dick’s beloved cigarettes. In the midst of Dick’s total meltdown at the thought of no nicotine in his skinny yet strangely shaped body, Jen fried herself up some turkey burgers, got called into the Diary Room and admonished for stealing Dick’s cigs, cried some, went back to making the turkey burgers and then cried some more. When she found out that the BB producers immediately went to the nearest 7/11 to replace Dick’s precious cigarettes she really lost it. She kept saying over and over (to no one in particular because the rest of the housemates pretend she doesn’t exist) “but I ASKED the producers before I came here if it would be OK for me to destroy someone’s cigarettes!” Now this is a real head-scratcher. What would possess her to worry about asking such questions before she even gets into the house? Very strange… but then we’re talking about Jen here. She then says “well, they didn’t say anything when I destroyed a couple of packs a few weeks ago…” I’m guessing the old Dickster didn’t notice 2 missing packs since he brought about 20 cartons with him - and I’m not exaggerating here, folks. Good old Jen was on Slop (meaning she’s not allowed to eat anything for a week except a horrible oatmeal concoction), and knowing she was being kicked out of the house she made herself a nice feast of the aforementioned turkey burgers, cottage cheese, and an apple. At least she’s eating healthy! And what is her punishment? An extra vote against her in the elimination. BIG deal. Now that scary thought will keep future BB players from breaking the Slop rules – NOT.

After Dick got his cigs back he proceeded to walk outside and blow smoke right in Jen’s face while she was eating her burger. She started yelling and trying to grab the cigarette, he kept telling her she was going to get burned, and all of the sudden the Showtime feed turned off, and all the screen showed was “Stay Tuned for more Big Brother After Dark” with a bunch of TV screens showing the BB action in the background. It was truly hysterical. I guess the producers were worried their fight was really going to get out of hand, but CBS ended up showing the whole debacle a few days later. Jen claimed to have been burned several times, but when Jameka took her to the bathroom to inspect her wounds – guess what? There were NO burns. Gee, what a surprise… Jen once again blowing something out of proportion. Imagine that!

Anyway, Jen was kicked out on Thursday and the HOH competition came down to Dick and helium-sucking-voice Jessica. Jessica won it, and I really hope she and Eric will keep their word about the final four deal they made with Dick and Daniele. If so, our father/daughter team are guaranteed another week in the house, although nothing is final until we see what happens in the Veto competition. We will also get to see what happened when Daniele and Waaamber won the trip out of the house to fly to NYC to play “Power of Ten” with Drew Carey. Yippee!

So, who do YOU think is going to win BB 8? I would love to see Daniele win, only because she is the most deserving player. But that never seems to work out… anyone remember a girl named Janelle?

Until next time…

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