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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

“ON THE REEL” Movie Reviews “Superbad”

Wednesday, August 29, 2007
From talent network, inc.
By Jesse Marshall

"On the real..."Superbad" is reel good"

I was fairly hesitant to go see Superbad simply because anytime a movie has as much hype as this one did, it’s typically a failure. There are, obviously, exceptions to that rule (see: Wedding Crashers) but for the most part I find that movies that are talked-up as much as this one was historically let me down.

Superbad was very, very different.

I need to first say that if you’re offended by extreme profanity or graphic situations, stop here. There is no need to proceed any further and I wouldn’t recommend seeing this movie.

Now, for those of us that are in touch with our more profane side…

Superbad tells the tale of three high-school seniors that are attempting to find one last big party before college, each is after something different and two of them are dealing with separation anxiety.

Evan and Seth, the two main procrastinators, do a fantastic job of feeding off each other in the movie. In fact, there are so many quality one-liners in this film that you’ll be reciting them with ease on your way home.

Writer Seth Rogen and his counterpart Bill Hader also do a fine job of portraying two vagrant cops who are trying to regain the days of their youth.

And finally, in what turns out to be a gut-wrenchingly hilarious performance, Christopher Mince-Plasse plays “Fogell”, the final of the three high-school procrastinators. Fogell’s story takes the movie on a hilarious trip through town as Fogell has the wildest night of his life in his last attempt at living the high-school dream. From the moment Fogell enters the film acting like a rap-star, he captures the audience’s attention.

Lately, everything that Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have touched has turned to gold. Superbad is no different. The ending is fitting, the length is just right, and the comedy never stops.

Source: jesse marshall, talent network, inc.

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