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February, 08, 2012


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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Joey Fatone Gets Hired Again. Enough Already, Ugh!

Wednesday August 22, 2007
From The Associated Press

Joey Fatone Signs on for Red-Carpet Duty.

NEW YORK -- Joey Fatone has signed on for red-carpet duty as co-host with Lisa Rinna of TV Guide Network's red-carpet coverage of major awards shows.

Their first gig together: the Emmy Awards on Sept. 16.

"Joey is a top-notch professional with a natural likeability and great sense of humor, all of which are essential attributes of a red-carpet host," said TV Guide Network President Ryan O'Hara in a statement Tuesday.

"He will be a terrific complement to Lisa, who is also incredibly charismatic and brings a wealth of fashion savvy and insight," O'Hara said.

Fatone, 30, is host of NBC's sing-along variety game show, "The Singing Bee." He was part of boy band N'Sync, and has appeared in several Broadway musicals, including "Little Shop of Horrors."

In a statement, Fatone said he plans to make "the red carpet experience entertaining, spontaneous and most of all fun — not only for those walking the red carpet, but also for the fans watching at home."

He will co-host TV Guide's red-carpet coverage through 2008, including the Academy Awards, Golden Globe awards, Grammy Awards and Screen Actors Guild awards.

Rinna, 44, was announced as replacing Joan Rivers on the red carpet in April 2007. Rivers and her daughter, Melissa, launched TV Guide's red-carpet programming in January 2005. They had previously appeared as red-carpet hosts on E! Entertainment.

Fatone and Rinna competed on separate seasons of ABC's "Dancing With the Stars."

Source: msn.com, associated press


Enough already. Enough! Enough! Enough!

I am sick and tired of no-talent reality show retreads getting job after job once they finish their tour of duty on shows like "So You Think You’re Famous", "America’s Got No Talent", and every other cookie cutter show with no creativity behind it.

Is America really running to their television sets to see Ryan Seacrest or Joey FAT-ONE? One networks whore host or dance competition finalist is another network’s Dick Clark. When will TV get back to hiring professional hosts and actors? When will a network executive and executive producer have the balls to think outside the box instead of inside the copycat cookie jar?

Ryan Seacrest is a radio jock, Joey Fatone is a 40 year old boy bander, Apollo Ono is a speed skater. Lisa Rinna, however, is just plain hot for any age. Sausage lips or not, Rinna gets a pass because I am writing this rant. None of these folks are qualified to be hosting a house party let alone a TV show. Joey Fatone was so bad in practice sessions for "The Singing Bee'" that the network personally called Pittsburgh's own Frank Nicotero, host of “Street Smarts”, and asked him to spend a week with fat-one to teach him how to host.


The real talent is waiting tables and attending four acting classes a week in New York and Los Angeles. And that talent will continue that course until Reality TV goes away. But, you know what? Reality TV will never go away.

"The Singing Bee" hosted by Joey Fatone was the number one rated show this week. I guess America is running to their TV sets.

...Frank Murgia

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