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February, 08, 2012


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Monday, August 20, 2007

How to Tell When Someone is Lying.

Monday August 20, 2007
From DLM

We all lie to some degree. Admit it or not, when 80-year old Aunt Betty asks how old she looks, you are not going to say 105. While those little white lies are perhaps acceptable, there are many that aren't.

Losu.org put together a great list of key identifiers that you can use to detect when someone is lying to you. Oddly, they are VERY similar to a list I saw in a suburban Illinois police department last month when I rode along with a cop.

Here is a quick list containing a handful:

* Fidgeting

* Over-denial

* Lack of Detail

* Over Cooperative

* Eye Contact

* Dilated Pupils

* Pausing

* Inconsistency

* Consciously Trying Too Hard

* Stuttering

To get the rest, read

22 Obvious Ways To Detect And Tell If A Person Is Lying

Source: dumblittleman.com, losu.org

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