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February, 08, 2012


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Thursday, August 16, 2007

"HollyBeej" News From Inside the Hollywood Machine.

Thursday August 16, 2007
Live from Hollywood...

  • Online entertainment site NoGoodTV launched a channel dedicated to the latest Judd Apatow comedy Superbad premiering tomorrow. The channel features exclusive and uncensored outtakes and an original series "Deep Inside" shot on the set of the movie.
  • The NFL and Ryan Seacrest go together like Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. Nonetheless, word on the street is, the "Idol" ringmaster will handle pre-game and halftime hosting duties of the Super Bowl on Fox next February. Because nothing says manly man like a guy with frosted highlights. Seacrest out! (tmz)
  • Hunky Navy Lt. Andy Baldwin is once again a confirmed "Bachelor!" Baldwin and his Season 10 bride of "Bachelor", Tessa Horst, have called off their marriage. Baldwin tells In Touch, "When the fantasy wore off and the reality set in, we both realized that we weren't ready to be engaged."
  • After being convicted of driving while unfit earlier this year, George Michael has started his sentence of 100 hours of community service.
  • Fox has ordered seven episodes of the fact-finding gamer "Nothing But the Truth." Show takes contestants, straps them to a lie detector and asks them 21 intensely personal questions -- all while their family members and friends are watching. In "Truth," questions start out soft but eventually become more uncomfortable ("Do you love one child more than another?") and then potentially devastating ("Have you ever cheated on your wife?"). Cameras catch the reaction of the player's loved ones as his or her answers shock or embarrass. Contestants are told they can walk away at any time, and they will sometimes be given a topic (such as "infidelity") before deciding whether to leave. {Continued click READ MORE below}

HBO votes for “Granny”
Documentary follows 94 year-old politician.
NEW YORK -- HBO is continuing its push into the genre that might be called election drama, acquiring "Run Granny Run," a docu about a 94-year-old politician that won the audience award this year at SXSW.

Net will bow the movie on Oct. 18, and then re-air it on Election Day, Nov. 6.
Pay net previously signed on for "Recount," a scripted story of the aftermath of the 2000 presidential election to be helmed by Jay Roach, and "John Adams," a mini starring Paul Giamatti as the second president.

"Granny" tells the story of the feisty Doris "Granny D" Haddock, who in her later years has turned into a liberal crusader and politician.

As a 90-year-old in 1999, she attracted scads of media when she walked across the country to support campaign finance reform. Then, at age 94, she ran for the New Hampshire Senate seat as the Democratic candidate.

Haddock also has been an outspoken activist for other candidates, speaking at rallies for John Kerry in 2004; she likely will be active in the upcoming presidential election.
Marlo Poras, who earlier helmed the Vietnamese exchange student pic "Mai's America," directed "Run Granny Run." Pic was sold by Submarine Entertainment's Josh Braun, who earlier sold Tribeca pic "Autism: The Musical" to HBO.

In addition to the HBO buy, homevid rights to "Granny" have been purchased by Arts Alliance America, the company that emerged from the former Hart Sharp Video; unit will release the pic on its Morgan Spurlock Presents label.

HBO plans a big push both offline and online for the film, with spots featuring the nonagenarian likely to appear on YouTube and in other venues. (Variety)

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